Hello. We're the Supply.

We're a research and curriculum design nonprofit based in San Francisco, California. We're working vigorously to disrupt education systems globally that limit students from realizing their full potential and to innovate new learning pathways that unleash their power to effect positive change.

Hello. We're the Supply.

Our Work.

Is anchored by our steadfast belief that education can be more than a gateway to opportunity and personal advancement - that it can be a social engine to serve our communities and neighbors and to solve some of our world's biggest problems.

Our Work.

We exist to make this belief a reality.

What We Do



We identify and analyze gaps, mismatches, failures, and opportunities in educational delivery and outcomes.



Based on these studies, we design supplemental curricula centered on service-learning and civic education with set targets and goals.



We advance and support our curricula by creating program initiatives and partnering with local institutions and schools.



We measure all of our initiatives to ensure that we are achieving our desired goals and/or improving on them based on our findings.

Current Project

Disrupting Rote Learning and Innovating Service-Learning in Nairobi Slums

Increasing civic engagement amongst slum youth through service-learning.

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