Short Term Needs with a Long Term Plan

At the start of our campaign, we wrote a letter stating the urgency of this campaign and the importance of this fundraising season. We’re awaiting our second injection of funding early next year from a large grant we received; in the meanwhile are/were seeking individual gifts to cover our fundraising needs for the remainder of...

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What Could Be

If you look at our social feeds, or have been following us for the past couple of years, you’ll naturally assume that we are an “African” organization. You may be numbed by the flood of Images of “black” students who are doing some radical and amazing things in their slums. Or on the flip side,...

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What do you see?

Look at this picture. What do you see? We’re used to youth doing service work, so we may just quickly scroll through a picture like this. But what we’re not used to seeing is youth classified as “extreme poor” living in urban slums doing service work. We’re supposed to serve them, aren’t we? This perception...

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Not FOR but WITH

Attention! We’re looking for any enthusiastic supporters looking to get out to Nairobi with us this July. It’ll be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to better understand the urban slums, see our field work firsthand, and be inspired by the slum youth that you’ve become familiar with. We’re calling it a service trip...

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We hear what we want to hear

A recent story came out about the demolition of Seoul’s final slum – the Guryong slums in the Gangnam district. (Lot of people are shocked to hear that Seoul had/has slums). Unsurprisingly, all the stories, particularly from Western media portrayed this demolition as reason to celebrate – saving the slum dwellers from a living hell....

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Meet John

He is a Form 3 student at KevJumba High School. We’ve known him since he was a primary student and have seen him grow up right before our eyes. His personal story inspired our documentary project, Standard 8, his sacrifices inspired our annual Lunch for Lenana campaign, and his aspirations to transform his community has...

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For our students, the SLUMS Curriculum is the difference between life or death

We often talk about alternative curricula when we talk about how to best deliver education to the poor. This is not the time to talk about it. We’re talking about the urban slums – a population that is denied basic rights, leading to lack of sanitation, security, clean water, pretty much everything else that is...

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Corporate Partnerships!

Who says, profit-driven companies don’t care about social good? Recently Chameleon John gave a generous donation to support our work. Check them out, and if your company or social enterprise would like to partner with us, please shoot us an email!

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World Slum Day is Near

“That’s silly, you can’t just start an international holiday.” I remember those exact words from a colleague after sharing with him that we were going to launch World Slum Day – a day dedicated to raising awareness about the urban slum issue. His main concern? That people just didn’t care. Slums don’t affect their daily...

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