We often talk about alternative curricula when we talk about how to best deliver education to the poor.

This is not the time to talk about it. We’re talking about the urban slums – a population that is denied basic rights, leading to lack of sanitation, security, clean water, pretty much everything else that is a basic good/right for the average citizen. So, as a result, 1 out of every 5 die before the age 5, on average slum dwellers live 20 fewer years than their city counterparts.

Therefore, the SLUMS Curriculum is not just an alternative, supplemental curriculum that merely produces problem solving and critical thinking skills. But it is a shield against injustice, against the plague of death that sits on their doorsteps.

In two weeks, students from our school network in Nairobi will begin the SLUMS Curriculum, working this year on projects centered on community building and land tenancy. Whether it’s slum mapping, creating street signs, or doing more research on unlawful slum eviction procedures, these students will be in the trenches, protecting and defending what’s theirs and creating change – life giving change from within.

Let’s get behind these youth and stand on the front-lines with them.

Please consider writing a postcard to one of our students here during the next 10 days prior to the start of SLUMS.