This holiday season,
we're asking all of you to help make
50 of our graduates' wishes come true.

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Our 2016 Holiday Campaign

We started with 48 students just five years ago. Today, we are working with over 1,200 students in 8 schools. 272 of them are defying the odds stacked against them by completing secondary school and getting their certificates.

As a result, many end up idling or taking casual labor jobs. Vocational school would be a great alternative, but the cost is great of a challenge.

College, unfortunately, is not an option for many of our graduates. The college entrance system is based on the KCSE (standardized test) scores, and when you consider that slum schools are so under-resourced (5 students sharing 1 textbook), the chances of a slum youth getting into college are slim to none.

So, this holiday season, we're asking all of you to help us stand in the gap with us. We're going to ask our schools to nominate 6-7 of their best graduates, and we are hoping to raise enough funds to provide a $1,000 USD full scholarship to 50 of these students, so they can attend vocational school.

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*100% of all funds raised will go
towards this scholarship fund.


can cover the tuition of wide range of 1-3 year vocational program options including accounting, hairdressing, and auto mechanic school.

The Impact

This scholarship will allow these students to be productive contributors to their society. In addition, this $1000 investment can lead to 50-100x more in future lifetime income for these students.

In addition, our scholarships will require all recipients to contribute 100 hours a year (span of their scholarship) to volunteer and community activities. We want them to continue the work they started in secondary school through the SLUMS program and help create change for the slum communities!