7 years ago, 2 slum boys in Nairobi told us that they had to give up lunch every single day to pay for school fees.

This desperate fight for an education inspired this campaign.



Every year, people all over the world have taken action to bring attention to this fight for education, giving up their own lunches, donating, and creating awareness on social media.

Join the Movement


This is year 6 of the annual campaign.

We are hoping to get 600 people to create posters and post on social media.

In addition, we are looking to raise $6,000 to add to our college scholarship fund for the slum youth we work with.

How you can get involved

Make a sign

Make a sign that says:

"I'm giving up __ lunches
for Lunch for Lenana"
#L4L #lunchforlenana

and post on social media.

Make a donation

Make a donation below.

Tell your friends & family

Tell your friends & family
to get involved!


Raised this year:


Goal $6000