He is a Form 3 student at KevJumba High School. We’ve known him since he was a primary student and have seen him grow up right before our eyes.

His personal story inspired our documentary project, Standard 8, his sacrifices inspired our annual Lunch for Lenana campaign, and his aspirations to transform his community has buttressed our SLUMS Curriculum. In many ways, he is a student ambassador to our Supply Network.

But beyond the stories of hope, resilience, and triumph, there are also stories of struggle and hardship. He is a young man with no father and a mother who is immobile from a physical disability; therefore, he has been taking care of his siblings from a young age. After school each day, John roasts maize on the street corner to support his family and put food on the table. Every day, he foregoes lunch to ensure that he can pay his school fees and also support his siblings’ schooling. Some months, he can’t afford the school fees, so he’ll tutor other students or do school chores to receive some tuition aid. But despite all of these challenges, he continues to work hard and excel in classwork and on the SLUMS Curriculum projects, seeking a better life for his family and his community.

John’s story is profoundly inspiring. But his story is not singular; all of the students in our network share similar backgrounds and personal narratives. This is why the current Postcard Campaign is so important – because when it comes down to it, we all know how far one small word of encouragement can go. These students will and can accomplish great things, and each extra nudge can only add extra fuel to the flame.

There’s a just a couple more days to write a personal message to John and all the other students in our network! We will put your message on a physical card and make sure the students receive it in time for the start of their SLUMS projects!