At the start of our campaign, we wrote a letter stating the urgency of this campaign and the importance of this fundraising season. We’re awaiting our second injection of funding early next year from a large grant we received; in the meanwhile are/were seeking individual gifts to cover our fundraising needs for the remainder of the year. Many of you have asked what will happen if we can’t raise┬áthe funds we need. The Supply will continue to march forward. No doubt about that. And we will do our best to ensure that our core programs are not disrupted

At the same time, we wanted to share with you what it looks like for us if we don’t hit our campaign target and what we are planning to do in the interim as a result of a pending funding shortfall:

  • Cut US development/fundraising arm, (including marketing, mailings, etc); chapters will still be active
  • Cut US office space
  • Slow down our research activities
  • Halt our work in couple of high risk schools, including the continual operational support for KevJumba HS
  • Delay some of our scaling plans
  • Slow down our field M&E activities

As mentioned, this short hit we plan to take is not ideal but something that we are absolutely prepared for. We would love your support during our #youcandosomething campaign so that we can continue to move the needle forward with as little interruption as possible. Big things are happening in the schools and slums and we’d hate to have to stunt the development and growth.

Join the #youcandosomething campaign here: