If you look at our social feeds, or have been following us for the past couple of years, you’ll naturally assume that we are an “African” organization. You may be numbed by the flood of Images of “black” students who are doing some radical and amazing things in their slums. Or on the flip side, you may be moved by getting to know the names, faces, and stories of these students.

Regardless of your reaction, we have news for you. We’re not an “African” organization and these students and our #YouCanDoSomething Campaign is a glimpse into a WHAT COULD BE – a larger vision of radical change that we have for the slums, the developing world, education systems, and our future human experience. That if change can happen with these students and slums, then change can truly happen anywhere.

What a world we can live in and set up for our children if we are able to embed a culture of service and social responsibility back into the classrooms and our communities. What a world it would be if rich and poor banded together to achieve the same goals under each other’s individual terms. What a world it would be if the oppressed could rise and make choices for themselves and their families without being exploited. What a world it would be if redistribution of wealth was not political speak but a natural part of our human experience.

The Supply’s fight is a grand one, only in the first quarter with a long way to go. But campaigns like this are reminders of how much progress we’ve made. It’s also a bookmark of how your support can help us write the next chapter, especially right now during one of our most important yet challenging fundraising seasons.

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